Painting for as long as I can remember.. I am predominantly self taught. With input and ideas passed to me by various amazing Artists along the way. I also obtained my Signage trade via a wonderful old school Sign Maker as he braved and transitioned to the digital age training me along with him.

One memorably strong influence in my early years, was an Artist who specialised in abstract realism for want of a better description. He opened the way for me to experiment in many mediums on an array of items and with many unusual and created subjects.

Another who strongly influenced my colour use was one of 8 students taught by George Sharp. A beautiful landscape Artist who’s works are so real they leave the viewer speechless. Murals and Large Scale Art Pieces I love to accomplish. I have received exposure to many Artists over my life. Oil painters to water colourists, abstract artists to traditional realism.

I Love and Adore Art and the ‘space changing’ ability of it. All Artists have their own unique talents and transform our everyday world. Airbrushing is perhaps one of my favourite callings and the pure chance of it existing was bestowed upon me by my previous partner .. Kerry. He introduced it to me through a magazine, and then allowed me to paint his car! (images below). Mixing the paint for me as I went, using a very cheap airbrush. I Loved it! Kerry passed suddenly early in 2011 and left me with the gift of knowing what an airbrush was.

I continued hands on learning about it as best I could and then found Wayne Harrison. Wayne Harrison is a beautifully talented Australian Airbrush Artist, and he kindly gave me tips over the phone as I soldiered on slowly. I had young small people to care for distracting me. I was the now lone parent of five children making it very difficult to do any painting my youngest babies were 1 and 2 at the time.

Then I met Dennis in 2013. Dennis came to me for a logo and our creative spirits connected. Perhaps it was our mutual love of paint? Perhaps it was his handsomeness? Perhaps both. But deep down he inspired me to want to create more alongside instilling confidence and encouraging me to pursue my Art more seriously. I fell in love with him..

Dennis enabled me to do a week long course full of tips, with Wayne Harrison. Wayne gave me some excellent hints and perhaps the best tip yet…‘lose the kids Alison..’ ..mmmmm yes that would definitely give me more uninterrupted paint time.. ? So now keeping Wayne’s biggest tip of all in my mind, albeit for later.. while I practice and do what I can in the mean time.. I strive for a better view.

Which is how Art Seduxion came to life.

A place to share and view artwork for free, for anyone who wants to put their work out there for everyone to enjoy.

The following is my first ever attempt at painting with an Airbrush.

Obviously the chalk board effect is effective and so I winged it with a rough sketch paper and a $20 airbrush that leaked everywhere. After the added first attempt at lightening too.. she certainly attracted the looks.

It was A lot of fun !

Skull Truck 1

Skull Truck 2