Gerard Kearney a Blacksmith by trade and a self taught Artist was born in Rockhampton. and paints to put a smile on people’s faces, hoping to make them forget about their troubles even just for a moment.


“Growing up in the 70’s was inspirational, great music, cool cars and wild fashion trends, But best of all was the carefree lifestyle. Especially the beach and surf culture I experienced while being in lifesavers at the time. This era carried over into the 80’s.” ” Unfortunately we started losing this innocence the more technology and social media crept in. I realized I was living in a world I couldn’t quite comprehend anymore. Terrible music, bland cars, don’t even get me started on the fashions. The fast paced lifestyle of today has bred rudeness, selfishness, arrogance and lack of respect.”

‘I wanted an escape from all of this.’

So I started painting my memories, in the way I remembered them, through the eyes of a child and teenager. In a sort, I created a time machine on canvas wanting to transport myself and the viewer back to those easy going days. Even my favourite movies aren’t sacred all getting blended into my surf themes. Sometimes it works and sometimes its a huge miss.” ” But I enjoy creating each and every one nevertheless.” Gerard Kearney