Leah grew up in rural Central Queensland with a creative Mother who taught and encouraged her in all things arty and crafty from sewing to folk art but… ‘ I always loved to draw’. With an endless supply of animals for subject matter, she spent a lot of time drawing horses, cows and dogs. After high school Leah spent time at CQ Tafe where she dabbled in different mediums and techniques, especially enjoying life drawing classes. Now as a busy mother I think about femininity, childhood experiences and relationships and am beginning to translate these thoughts into my art work. Liking the challenge of working with paint Leah speaks of enjoying the movement and feel of watercolour …‘as it seems to have a life of its own’. Combined with some of her favourite subject matters of nature, human forms and animals her current favourite mediums that combine drawing and watercolour present a beautiful style that is dreamy and expressive. Leah is happy to take commissions and would use acrylics for the larger canvases.