Why Do You Paint Mary?  “Because I do”

Raised in the bush and travelling through the Western Queensland Areas whilst growing up, Mary enjoyed drawing as a child… her colour work will move you if you allow it Mary loves Sunsets, Trees and the Australian Scenery and It was a very wise friend who’s continued prompting of Mary, encouraged her to finally pick up the brush and add colour to her works. She first started painting in oils and has since moved to acrylics. Her love of colour shines through in her notable moody and striking skies. Creating skies in scenes that still beautifully capture light, through dark twisting trees and sand silhouettes of fauna. Mary’s creative habits have led her to sculpture and the use of cooked sand in some pieces. Cross paintings that incorporate collage are also shown in a butterfly series. Mary’s colour work will move you if you allow it…

Original paintings are For Sale. Prints, posters and postcards are some of the examples that can all be offered using her work. Mary has also written and printed a book and the cover is one of her own works.


cover 1

 Paper Pulp Painted Bowl by Mary Brown