Royleine Weir is a member of the Royal Queensland Art Society in Rockhampton. After attending many workshops, with who she advises, ‘were some wonderful tutors’ Royleine learnt┬ámany tips and techniques, and she now endeavours to develop and explore her own style. Oils, Pastels, watercolours, pen and wash and mixed medium are all a part of the fun of this
exploration and finding out the way each works. Royleine first started painting in oils in 2001 under the instruction firstly of Coral Morris
and then Sandra Biggin. Although the journey in art started via painting in oils it is of late that she has been exploring
acrylics, inks and watercolour. Royleine mainly loves to paint landscapes and seascapes but has also painted still life and
portraits in lessons and workshops and has enjoyed the experience.





The Following Image was done in a work shop and is for viewing purposes only.