Tara has been painting (sporadically) for about 7 years. Despite being generally creative, initially Tara claims  ‘I didn’t know ‘how’ to paint, until I attended a three day workshop, where I learned about how paint behaved and that I could manipulate the paint to produce images and effects’. ‘My work is abstract based, and I paint primarily with acrylics, and experiment with mixed media and found objects. I rarely ‘plan’ what I am going to paint before I start and the end result usually appears as the piece progresses. I seldom use brushes as I prefer to apply the paint with scrapers, sticks, rollers and my hands. This comes from my desire to create texture that I can see and touch, and that other people can appreciate in the final piece. I paint solely for enjoyment and relaxation, and hope that I can pass those sentiments on through my work.’